Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Trident Fury - Available 21 August.

The Kurgan War - Book 3

Captain Michael Sheridan and Master Sergeant Alan Cole are back. This time the stakes couldn't be higher. When word of a brutal Kurgan prison planet reaches Earth, the men and women of the Sixth Fleet are sent into action. From a smuggler's hideout, to a prehistoric planet to a deadly fight with the dreaded Kurgan Imperial Guard, the struggle to survive continues.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Colossus - OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

The exciting sequel to First Strike....

Newly promoted Captain Michael Sheridan finds himself leading a company of untried Marines against their enemy, the Kurgans, dug in on Illum Prime. Fighting for survival, Sheridan and his mentor, Master Sergeant Alan Cole, must do all they can to keep their people alive not only from the Kurgans but from traitors hidden in plain sight. From the deserts of Illum Prime, to the depths of space, the Kurgan War continues.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My books to date.....

The Ryan Mitchell Thrillers-
Goliath (book 1)
Black Dragon (book 2)
Lucifer's Fire (book 3)
Hellfire (book 4)
Barracuda (book 5)

The Kurgan War - 
First Strike (book 1)
Colossus (book 2)

The Alexander Scott Novels -
The Devil's Path (book 1)
Scorpion (book 2)

The Christopher Sheppard Adventures -
The Last Eagle (book 1)
A Fragment of Destiny (book 2)

The James Shaw Missions -
Incursion (book 1)
The Mountain (book 2)